[shortcode_custom_service custom_service_icon=”icon-briefcase” custom_service_title=”About us” custom_service_image=”6833″ custom_service_second_title=”The Illinois Crisis Prevention Network” custom_service_description=”ICPN is designed to meet the behavioral and medical needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are experiencing significant behavioral and medical challenges.” custom_service_background=”#204061″ animation=”bounce”]
[shortcode_custom_service custom_service_icon=”icon-location-pin” custom_service_title=”Our Teams” custom_service_image=”6836″ custom_service_second_title=”Six Statewide Support Service Teams” custom_service_description=”The ICPN consists of six statewide Support Service Teams who provide community-based support and consultation services to the person experiencing these challenges, as well as their family and/or service providers.” custom_service_background=”#204061″ animation=”bounce”]
[shortcode_custom_service custom_service_icon=”icon-notebook” custom_service_title=”Making a referral” custom_service_image=”6862″ custom_service_second_title=”People referred to ICPN” custom_service_description=”The Illinois Crisis Prevention Network strives to communicate with and bring all team members together to collaborate in the development and implementation of a clinically appropriate, person-centered plan. Click on the DHS link below to review the process of how to make a referral.” custom_service_background=”#204061″ animation=”bounce”]

Support Services Teams

The Illinois Crisis Prevention Network currently employs 90 skilled clinicians and has served over 5,000 referrals since 2010.

Support Service Team Locations

Among the staff are psychologists, board-certified behavior analysts, behavior specialists, licensed clinical therapist, qualified intellectual disability professionals, registered nurses, medical doctor, and pharmacists. The Support Service Teams work out of six separate geographic locations as shown on our map. The ICPN Directors consists of:

Tim Baker: 4415 W. Harrison, St 500, Hillside, IL 60162 tbaker@thehopeinstitute.us | T: 844-841-4276 ext. 30341

Kim Shontz: 301 Veterans Prkwy, New Lenox, IL 60451 kshontz@thehopeinstitute.us | T: 815-717-1717

The people we serve

People referred to ICPN living in a family home were receiving home based support services


People referred to ICPN who also have a mental health diagnosis


Clients with positive outcomes after being refered


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