Trinity Services to continue Lamb’s Fold’s mission of helping homeless, abused women and children achieve self-sufficiency

April 11, 2017

JOLIET, IL — Trinity Services, Inc., of New Lenox, and Lamb’s Fold Center for Women and Children, of Joliet, are pleased to announce that on July 1 this year, Trinity Services will continue Lamb’s Fold’s mission of helping homeless or abused women and children work toward self-sufficiency.

Since 1985, Lamb’s Fold has provided supportive housing and personalized recovery services to help countless women and children gain independence. Trinity Services has worked with Lamb’s Fold since 2003, providing case management services to the organization’s clients.

Lamb’s Fold’s Board of Directors is excited that the organization’s mission will be continued by Trinity Services, according to Lamb’s Fold Executive Director Rhonda Sykes.

Gaps in funding because of Illinois legislators’ inability to pass a full operating budget since July 2015 have left Lamb’s Fold on uncertain financial footing.

“Trinity will ensure the future of our mission, and we are excited for the possibilities for progress,” Sykes said. “This will give more security to the women and children we served and make sure our mission continues.”

Trinity Services is enthusiastic about being able to continue to offer Lamb’s Fold’s services, ensuring the women and children the organization supports continue to receive the assistance they need, according to Art Dykstra, executive director of Trinity Services.

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